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Gameplay over realism... always!



SPACE is an Action/Adventure game in which you play as a freelance starship captain during the great war between the United Space Colonies and the Reptilian Empire. An uneasy peace has lasted between the two great civilizations for a decade. However when the USC discovers that the Reptilian's are secretly planning to build a deadly weapon, war once again breaks out. It is impossible to say who will survive this new war. With both the USC and the Reptilian Empire producing ships as quickly as possible, this war, like the one before it, could last for decades.

Unfortunately resources are running low and ship production is slowing. It will take all the skill and power of the entire USC fleet to fight back the Reptilians. This includes your ship. should you decide to get involved. But it will not be easy. Your orders will range from gathering intelligence to fighting off a large scale Reptilian fleet, to infiltrating rebel bases.

However, you're the captain of your own ship and you get to decide where to go and how to accomplish your missions (if you wish to accomplish them that is). In SPACE you will be given total freedom of where and when you want to go. Should you want to explore the galaxy and scout out the many dozens of planets, then go right ahead. Or if you prefer, feel free to search for hidden artifacts and battle with pirates for resource mines. Or, you can accomplish the missions given to you by battling the Reptilian Empire on land and space and in so doing, discover the many secrets that lay buried in the SPACE universe.

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